Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Emails you don't want to recive #1

So you're a big sucker for the utterance of Reeeeeebekaaar" (how can I possibly type the guttural R that should accompany this summoning of the loins?) Yet a decade down the line, you get a semi-incomprehensible and quite unsolicited reminder of:
"About the guy you met in Creel-Mexico and with who you
had a sexuel canyon experience... also remenber from
the souvenir of buying 25 caps, leather jacket, sun
glasses... about this guy... I'm fine!"

Well, I was glad to hear that. Truly, I was. Mr "Sexual Canyon" is doing good.


Finally remembered my log in details, so can post again!

Not that I've been in much of a mood to do so of late. Flitting between different sides of the planet can do funny things to a girl.

I had a first meeting with a potential new stalker today. I was minding my business, awaiting for the lights to turn blue (as it's red, blue, amber, red ,blue here)when I espy a portly figure hovering to my right. "Come on blue" I'm encouraging, but it's not before said chubster has plucked up the courage to serenade me with "ekusukuzu mi...I amu intaresutedo inu yu....retsu chato." I waved him away of course, but what was he thinking. You can't just go up to random people in the street and try to engage them in "chat"