Friday, 16 July 2010

Too amazing for words....Broom Cupboard nostalgia

 "I am No NO, small robot you know, friend of Ulysses....UUULEEEEEEEEses!"

Go Away, Robbie!

I know he was just a kid, but he was so rude to the others when he left and smug about his success and rubbed the other members' noses in it (although Angels was released three times before it caught on!) I used to like TT, but never liked Robbie that much, it was Mark all the way for me! They went on to have several number ones without him before splitting and several hits without him after reforming.  He was living in the States spotting UFOs  before dropping hints that he'd like to be let back in.  They are very gracious: I'd have told him where to go!