Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Son Son Son of a Gun!

Someone is playing The Vaselines in the neighbouring big purple apartment (next to our medium-sized blue one). That I'd never have expected in a million years (much like the fact I'd be livning in a blue apartment!)

Sunday, 12 September 2010

I think like Minako. Worrying.

Not that I told her.  Naturally, I have to try and be somewhat aloof.  I mean, I wouldn't want all the students to think that I, too, pay great attention to the news when a typhoon is approaching and I, too, am crushed when it is heading towards Kansai and then veers off in a perfect right angle never to trouble us and never to give us that extra day off of school/work!

You'd think I'd learn: they've only hit once in nine years!

I achieved a first today

I walked into a 100 yen store with the intention of buying a pack of plastic A4 files and came out with...a pack of plastic A4 files.  Only.  No ear plugs.  No gaget for the kitchen that I will never use. No nothing other than the intended purchase.  How proud did I feel?!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Fuck nostalgia

Have just seen a video of a long, white haired, chubby J Mascis singing Feak Scene in 2008 and it's guaranteed that I won't sleep tonight.  Terrifying.

Suddenly it all makes sense....

Have just been having an early 90's nostalgia-fest on YouTube and got reminded of Superchunk, the only American power punk pop band (or "Chapel Hill  music scene" as their Wiki site would have it!) I really liked.

I loved their second album No Pocky for Kitty, and didn't concern myself with the fact that I had no idea who Kitty was and what Pocky tasted like.

Funny how life works out.