Thursday, 11 November 2010

I had to surpress I smile today

when my 中1Y class, who are incredibly crap, sweet, maybe, but incredibly crap, all turned to listen to Kotono who asked "Sensei, don't you think that this class uses an awful lot of English in class?  We use a lot of English!"
"Yes", I nodded, "You do.  I'm so happy!"  Oh well, they have yet to learn the full horror of English for six years in a Japanese high school.  Still, that wasn't as bad as discovering that one of my 高IIIF class couldn't spell 'blue' - it's "bull" apparently. Uh huh.  Six years of English.

It's odd

when someone that you were involved with sends you a mail out of the blue that starts "Hi Rebecca". 

Hi?  Fuck.

I should be

getting off my fat arse and finishing my overdue assignment on Functional Grammar.

I, however, find myself doing little dances and performing little ditties along the lines of "Thai...laand, Thaiiiiiiilaaaaaaaaaand, THHHHHHAAAAIIIIIILLLLAAAAAAAAAAAANNNND!"

Off on Christmas Eve.  Wow, the first Christmas for a long time that I won't be alone on a beautiful beach. I'll be "together" on a beautiful beach.  How nice!