Saturday, 6 March 2010

H&M opens in Osaka. Oh tempered joy!

Finally, after Tokyo getting all the shops that make me misty-eyed, the great H&M arrives in Osaka.  I would have said "with great fanfare", but, I was shocked to learn that I had somehow managed to be unaware of this occurence.  Still, off I trotted on the opening day to find the Dotombori bridge area looking ominoulsy more packed than usual and a queue going up and down and up and back down again on the river side walkway.

 With heavy heart, I got a relatively empty Uniqlo to wonder around inside instead!  

Whilst, still excited by the prospect of a four storey H&M, I wonder when I will actually get the chance to enter the store.  You have to wonder at the decision of putting it right bang in one of the most crowded and touristed areas of Osaka.