Saturday, 29 May 2010

The daft emails that students send you

I like the vast majority of my private students: the fact that they chose to come to my home rather than the easier choice of signing up with one of the language schools makes them independently minded and outgoing.  Juggling schedules and other commitments often means that they have to rearrange lessons and I often find myself answering the odd question that they have out of class time.

I had a Rakugo performance today and drink
meeting after that. I perfomanced 'Till Death Do Us Part. 
I am drunk now.
I will read carefully tomorrow after I come back.
I'm sorry  I am a boozer.

Followed an hour later by:

I'm still drunk but I'm so embarrassed to see my spelling mistakes in
the previous mails. Sorry!

My doctor student always cancels and I get these gems:

I am sorry I cannot go today, 10th and 17th. I am very busy this month.  I will pay you every fees, so please don't fire me. I will see you March 24th (you will have a vacation?). I miss you!

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