Friday, 4 June 2010

I was thinking, whilst reading an amusing article on sub-editing, about how, in the aftermath of the oil leak, BP was being referred to as "the British company", but now it would appear that, in American minds at least, Change Obama is now calling it by its ancient name British Petroleum.

What a pathetic attempt by Obama to deflect the criticism he is facing from the American public after being seen to have done nothing for the last 40 days.  They are even saying that Bush had visited the Hurricane Katrina site eight times in the first month and all Obama has done is poke his finger in the sand once - and we all know how Katrina damaged Bush more than his warmongering.

Let's just start referring to Iraq as "America's War in Iraq" and global warming as "American-caused global warming" or Britain obesity problem as "The American fast food consuming obesity crisis."

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